Sledge Hammer

Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh! is terrifc.” —The Digital Bits

“A great featurette!” —TV On DVD

“The highlight is the featurette Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh! directed and produced by Perry Martin.” —Video Business

“The featurette Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh! is a great look at this funny show.” —DVD Talk

“I just finished watching Go Ahead, Make me Laugh! and thought it was sensational! I feel so lucky that my project wound up in your hands. Whatever they’re paying you, it isn’t enough!” —Alan Spencer, Creator

Sex And Death 101

“The documentary 101 Perversions is robust.” —DVD Verdict

101 Perversions is a slickly made EPK-style doc — worth checking out for fans of the film.” —DVDGuy


“Re-Animator Resurrectus, directed by Perry Martin, is one of the finest and most in-depth documentaries about a cult film that I’ve ever seen.” —

“New is the wonderful 70-minute Re-Animator Resurrectus — one of the best horror film documentaries ever made. Big thanks to director Perry Martin for making it the unexpected treat that it is. I hope to see his hands on many more feature-length documentaries in the future.” —DVD Town


Re-Animator Resurrectus, superbly directed by Perry Martin, is fascinating, fun and invaluable.” —   

Race With The Devil

“DVD Producer Perry Martin has included all the bells and whistles here. Any of the major studios would have probably just dumped this title on the market, so kudos to Perry Martin for doing such a great job.” —

Hell On Wheels offers up wonderful anecdotes and confessions.” —DVD Verdict

“There’s an excellent featurette called Hell On Wheels. Writer/Director Perry Martin makes liberal use of film clips and behind the scenes photos. Great job, yet again, Perry! —


Road Games

“Most savory of all is Perry Martin’s splendid featurette, Kangaroo Hitchcock.” —Cult Movies

“A wonderful piece of work.” —Monsters At Play

“The documentary gives this title its full due. Anchor Bay extras wrangler Perry Martin put it together; he is a gracious commentary host and is doc style is unfussy and direct.” —DVD Savant

Unlike so many making-of docs, which are little more than promos, this one has some real meat to it.” —DVD Maniacs

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