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The Hired Hand

"The illuminating hour-long doc, The Return of the Hired Hand, which was produced by Perry Martin for Sundance, is a goldmine in content and style." —Film Threat

“Clocking in at just under one hour, The Return of the Hired Hand is a beautifully crafted, fascinating and occasionally even touching exploration of the film, its production and restoration. This feature is worth the price of the DVD alone.” —DVDWest

"The Return of the Hired Hand is a thoroughly engrossing and beautifully crafted piece of work." —DVD Authority

The Hills Have Eyes

“Perry Martin’s documentary is a fine retrospective…a must watch for fans of the film.” —DVD Verdict

"The disc’s big plus is an excellent in-house doc, directed by Perry Martin…that covers all the bases with a sense of perspective and humor.” —DVD Savant

Looking Back On ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ is entertaining, informative, and puts most of the promotional fluff you find on most ‘big’ titles to shame.” DVD Active

"Slick, enthralling and witty.” —CineSchlock-O-Rama


The Long Good Friday

"Perry Martin assembles a terrific long-form documentary called Bloody Business — a stylish, tightly edited analysis of the film’s history.” DVD Savant

"Bloody Business
is one of the best supplemental docs that I have ever seen. In a class of its own, the documentary takes you through every stage of the production almost like watching the movie again but seeing it in a new way. Essential viewing.”

Bloody Business is a lovingly produced retrospective.”