The Card Player

"I really enjoyed the new featurette Playing With Death — and if it were twice as long, I’d still be wondering why it was so short!” —DVD Talk

“To be honest, Producer Perry Martin’s featurette Playing with Death is a lot more interesting that the film itself. Highly informative, tightly structured and fast paced, it’s a first rate “making of” doc that Dario Argento fans are sure to appreciate.” —DVD Review Forum

Class of 1984

“The featurette included is titled Blood and Blackboards, a piece that more than delivered on my expectations. A lot of ground is covered and you will learn a lot about this production.” —DVD Authority

“The 35-minute documentary Blood and Blackboards is newly created for this DVD. It’s put together very well and looks slick and modern with high quality titles and editing. Excellent job!” —Home Theater Forum

Blood and Blackboards is a nifty retrospective ‘making of’ that tells you all you need to know about the production.”  —

Children of the Corn

“Wunderkind Perry Martin once again dons his producing hat for this highly diverting documentary.” —DVD Times

“The biggest and best of the extra features on this release is Perry Martin’s new documentary, Harvesting Horror.”
—DVD Maniacs

The Beastmaster

“The most impressive extra is Perry Martin’s 55-minute documentary The Saga Of The Beastmaster… This disc puts a lot of the major studio releases to shame.” —DVD Talk

“The big attraction here is The Saga Of The Beastmaster, a brand new documentary from Anchor Bay’s Perry Martin… It is genuinely touching…and good stuff all the way around.” —Digitally Obsessed

The Saga Of the Beastmaster…directed by Perry Martin is an invaluable addition to the disc and makes me love and appreciate the movie even more.” —The Man Room

The Anniversary

“Supplements begin with an invaluable audio commentary with director Roy Ward Baker and producer/screenwriter Jimmy Sangster, moderated by DVD producer Perry Martin.” —DVD Talk

“I don’t know how he did it, but moderator Perry Martin has pulled off the seemingly impossible — a lively audio commentary with director Roy Ward Baker and screenwriter Jimmy Sangster, both known for their rather staid yack-tracks. Impressively, Martin brings out the best in the two vets and, in the process, delivers one of the best commentaries yet for a Hammer Film.” —DVD Authority


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Creepshow 2

“The extras are plentiful and damned interesting. The highlights come from Perry Martin’s new documentary, Nightmares In Foam Rubber. Another lively fountain of information is the commentary with director Michael Gornick, moderated by Perry Martin.” —Fangoria

“Special mention goes to commentary moderator Perry Martin for instigating such a thorough and surprisingly insightful audio track.” —Monsters-At-Play

“Perry Martin is a welcome addition to this commentary as he keeps it moving and prods some great tidbits from the director.” —Cinegeek