Masters of Horror: Jenifer

“The best of the extra features is the featurette So Hideous, My Love. Dario Argento is an interesting guy, and this interview serves as further proof of that. —DVD Talk

So Hideous My Love is a very worthy inclusion — short and sweet.” —DVD In My Pants

“Extras include an audio commentary with writer/actor Steven Weber and DVD producer Perry Martin, a great moderator." —10,000 Bullets

Masters of Horror: Incident on a Mountain Road

Predators And Prey is an extended sit down interview with the director, Don Coscarelli. It's a great featurette, surprisingly in depth considering it's under thirty minutes. Very good stuff. The audio commentary with Coscarelli, writer Stephen Romano, and DVD Producer Perry Martin is a lively chat that never gets boring. Martin always asks good questions and Coscarelli never gives a stupid answer. Definitely worth a listen.” —411 Mania

"DVD Producer Perry Martin’s featurette Predators and Prey is excellent.” DVD Verdict

Masters of Horror: Deer Woman

“…concise, comprehensive and interesting, Animal Hooves: An Interview With John Landis is a career retrospective on the Director.” —DVD Review

Animal Hooves is a hugely entertaining interview doc, in which director John Landis discusses his entire career, including this Masters of Horror episode.” —DVD Rundown

"Animal Hooves is every bit as amusing as its subject, director John Landis." —DVD Authority

Masters of Horror: Dance of the Dead

“The best special feature this time around is the interview with Tobe Hooper called Primal Screams.” —

Primal Screams is a must for fans — more engaging than the movie itself.” —Hollywood Video

“There is a great interview with Tobe Hooper titled Primal Screams. Anchor Bay has done a great job with this disc, which is worth having for the extras alone.” —DVD Talk

“On the plus side, they put Perry Martin on the commentary track with Tobe Hooper. As a result, there’s a lot going on with their commentary.” —Reality Dish

Masters of Horror: Homecoming

The Dead Comes Marching featurette gives us a really interesting overview of Joe Dante's career.” —DVD Talk

“Perhaps most substantial is The Dead Come Marching, which is a meaty stew of Joe Dante's personal insight on filmmaking, politics, and the film.” —SexGoreMutants

The Dead Come Marching is a thorough and most interesting look at Dante’s career.” —Fangoria

The Dead Come Marching is a background on Joe Dante’s career told by the man himself. Dante is a pretty interesting guy, so this was a fun featurette.” —Home Theater Forum

Masters of Horror: Cigarette Burns

Celluloid Apocalypse: An Interview with John Carpenter (produced and directed by Perry Martin) is excellent. It would have been nice if it had been even longer! But, as usual with Anchor Bay, it's great.”  —411 Mania

“The quality of the Special Features is fantastic: the Masters of Horror moniker doesn’t just apply to the filmmakers involved, but Anchor Bay as well. Anchor Bay has not only been at the forefront of having a great library of genre films, but for provided the best elements and extras as well. Owning a collection of Anchor Bay DVDs is better than studying filmmaking at a university.” —Hollywood Video


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Masters of Horror: Dreams in the Witch-House

“Wow, wow, wow! Anchor Bay has created a near perfect release.I’m extremely impressed with the extras on this disc — there isn’t a fluff piece anywhere: the commentary (with director Stuart Gordon, actor Ezra Godden and DVD Producer Perry Martin) was great. The featurette Dreams, Darkness and Damnation is a very informative. I liked the episode but I loved the disc. I think this is the highest marks I’ve given in a review. Slick!” —TV Shows on DVD

Dreams gets a commentary by director Stuart Gordon and star Ezra Godden, very well moderated by Perry Martin, who clearly has a keen knowledge of Gordon’s oeuvre and appreciation for this entry.” —Fangoria

Masters of Horrror: Chocolate

"Producer Perry Martin's The Sweet Taste Of Fear is an interview featurette with director Mick Garris, in which he elaborates his career, his movies, the Masters and his own entry, Chocolate. I find the Masters of Horror interview featurettes extremely enjoyable: Unlike most other featurettes we are seeing on DVD these days, these do not feel like EPKs or publicity gigs that the people had to do. In the MASTERS featurettes, every one of the directors appears very candid, personal and forthcoming. Mick Garris truly comes to life in this featurette as we get to know him better and learn to appreciate his efforts.” DVD Review